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Pies in a Jar

Pies in a Jar
Pies in a Jar

Mini pies are very popular, but did hear about pies in a jar? There’s nothing difficult about them, it’s like making a classic pie. Keep in mind, any recipe can be made into any shape. You can obtain these pretty little canning jars in variety stores, hardware stores, and even drug stores. Pies prepared in them can be frozen in an unbaked state and go straight from the freezer to the oven (but don’t forget to remove the lids first). Also, they can be baked first and then frozen. However, if freezing, stay with fruit, custard, savory, and ice-cream pies. Meringue-topped cream pies aren’t suitable for freezing.

As said, there’s no science to making pies in a jar. Just roll your dough thinner than usual. Cut out a circle larger than the jar, taking into account the jar’s depth and width. Put the dough gently into the jar and press it into the sides with your fingers, removing the gaps of air space from the bottom corners. With a knife, scrape any extra dough off the rim of the jar so the lid can screw on tightly and get a clean seal. Put in your filling; berries and custards work particularly well for this style of pie.

To make them even prettier, garnish the top with a lattice crust (cut and weave mini strips of dough) or use a cookie cutter and put cutout shapes of dough on top. Crumble topping also works well.

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